iNovum is an innovative, actionable science providing your organization with the capability to identify the unique individual preferences (the likes and dislikes) of your customer or client. This unique interdisciplinary combination of psychology, marketing, and statistics will consistently increase sales, loyalty, and profitability.

Created by the Harvard-educated research scientist and published author Dr. Howard Moskowitz, iNovum's approach has been described by Malcolm Gladwell (here) and others as the next generation of predictive analytics.

In collaboration with your marketing and sales team, iNovum proactively tests YOUR customer with words, attributes, features benefits, and experiences, therefore determining which attributes both individually and in combination will most likely lead to agreement and purchase. You are now armed with the ability to immediately identify the “mind set” segmentation of every customer contemplating the purchase of your product, service, or idea. You know precisely what to say and what not to say at every customer contact point.

Graphic iNovum's scientific approach is thorough and results are fast, bringing about instances of an immediate 110+% increase in sales conversions from existing sales leads and sales staff. Contact iNovum if you would like to see the same results in your business.

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